"Hilary does a fantastic job of capturing the essence of your message and presenting it in the right tone. As an entrepreneur starting a business, I am thrilled to have found someone to work with who is able to put words to the ideas that are in my head. Hilary takes a holistic approach which I very much appreciate. She will ask you about your customer, your company's business, its vision and the goals for your writing project. She's easy to work with, welcoming your feedback. A true professional. I look forward to continued work with her."

Kathy Taylor, CEO and founder, Attagirl

“From print ads to brochures, radio spots to annual reports, Hilary delivers exceptional copy that gets results. Always on time and up for a challenge, I highly recommend Hilary for any writing or editing project.”

Keith Kanzel, Director, National University System Communications Group

“I have been lucky to work with Hilary for a couple of years now developing marketing and public relations campaigns, and every time we have partnered I have enjoyed it. Hilary is pleasant, knowledgeable, positive, and an excellent writer who is able to translate my ideas into amazing copy. While working together, we have been able to get national coverage for a top-ranking TV show. I highly recommend Hilary, and look forward to working with her for many more years to come.”

Fabiola Franco-HoffmanBusiness Marketing & Communications Manager, Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation

Photo: Scott Wallace, courtesy CrossFit

Photo: Scott Wallace, courtesy CrossFit

“Hilary provides editorial services that I’ve found both educational and hugely supportive. I’ve learned from her straight-talking feedback and I’ve been encouraged by her constructive tone. Her advice is clearly based on real expertise in her field, and I’d say she’s an asset to any serious writing project. Hire her in a heartbeat!”

Julie Starr, author of The Coaching Manual and Brilliant Coaching, both published by Pearson Education

"Hilary is a pleasure to work with in any capacity. She approaches everything with a willingness to learn and immerses herself in the subject. She has a profound respect for the culturally diverse audiences we serve and works with members of those cultures to foster a deep understanding of the subjects and traditions about which she writes."

Tracey Bryan, Media and PR Manager, Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation